Doritos + Madden in 3D

Cannes Lion-winning campaign brought Doritos' and Madden NFL to a new dimension.

We knew Doritos’ fans crave excitement in their entertainment like they do their chips. So we partnered with EA to bring Madden NFL in 3D for the first time. To celebrate this unprecedented occasion, we created a first-of-its-kind partnership with ESPN, launching the first-ever 3D homepage takeover on, using ESPN magazine to distribute 3D glasses. The best part? We convinced the Editor of ESPN The Magazine to turn their coveted photo section into a a first-ever six-page spread of 3D images, bringing our campaign to a whole other dimension.

First ever 3D photo spread in ESPN magazine, with Doritos' 3D glasses inserted within.

3D mode in Madden NFL 11, unlockable only through a bag of Doritos.


ESPN. Code unlocks Madden NFL in 3D

Engadget. Madden 11 finally gets oft-requested Doritos 3D function.