Got Milk? Bedtime Drink Campaign

We created a new occasion for milk drinking by launching a 100% evening campaign.

How do you get more people to consume more of an age-old product like milk? You create a new occasion. Based on research that shows the sleep benefits of milk at night, we launched a campaign to introduce milk as the bedtime drink. We created tools and reminders for people to get a good night's sleep with milk - from a sleep hotline to a (purposefully) yawn-inducing bus shelter campaign to a dream-filled TV commercial, we tried our best to put everyone to sleep. The best part: not only was the creative sleep-inducing, but the media ran 100% at night, following you home from your evening commute, to your primetime programming and even to WebMD on their 'sleep problems' web page.


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PR Newswire. Milk: The Bedtime Drink